Positive Futures Gateshead

A woman wearing a black t-shirt, smiling at the camera with her hair pulled back into a ponytailZoë 

Young Persons Resilience Worker - Physical & Mental Health Lead


Hey! My name is Zoë, I love to sing, dance and spend time with animals! I volunteer at a stable with horses & I have four cats at home! I enjoy working with young people because I like to give them the opportunities in life that they may not get to experience! This job is fun & uplifting, and there is always something new to learn everyday which keeps me on my toes!


A woman wearing a leopard print top with shoulder length hair and a fringeKirsty

Service Manager


Hello, I am Kirsty and I am the manager of Positive Futures and responsible for making sure we provide a quality service for children and young people and their families in Gateshead.

I love holidays in the sun and spending time with family and friends.


A woman wearing a red jumper Faye

Children and Families Worker


Hi, I’m Faye. I’m originally from Birmingham but moved up north 13 years ago and never looked back. I enjoy doing lots of walking when I can and spending time with family.

I enjoy working with young people as no day is the same and I’m constantly learning! It is a pleasure to support children and young people to learn about who they are and develop their skills for a happy and healthy life.


A woman smiling at the camera wearing a plaid shirt and her hair down Nastassja 

Children and Families Worker.


Hiya, my name is Nastassja, I am the children’s and family’s worker. I really enjoy been a part of each young person’s journey, every single one is so unique and rewarding. My favourite things are dancing and singing even though I’m tone deaf and honestly trying to live life to the fullest with my two cats!



Data Admin

Hi, my name is Carol and I love football (a little old to play now!), but I love watching all football.

I love working with young people because they bring something new every day – they are our future!


A woman taking a selfie.  Abbie

Young Persons Resilience worker – Specialising in Exploitation


Hiya I’m Abbie. I’m a Scorpio and a mum to a Labrador, Nelly.  I love working with young people as they inspire and motivate me to be better and I learn something every day.


Jordan wears glasses and she had red hair Jordan

Young Person’s Resilience Worker – Youth Justice Lead

Hiya. My name is Jordan and I’m a young people’s resilience worker for Positive Futures. I enjoy watching horror films, cross stitching and I’m getting into weightlifting at the gym. Since I was 16, youth work has always been a passion of mine. I’m passionate about working with young people to help build their confidence, be an advocate for them and help raise awareness around the issues that young people face. I’m enthusiastic about promoting individuality and supporting young people to reach their full potential!


Shannon is sat in her car taking a selfie, she had blonde hair and is wearing a checked jacket Shannon

Young Adults Resilience Worker

Hi! My name is Shannon, I am a Young Adults Resilience Worker at Positive Futures.

My role is brand new, where I get to work with young people of Gateshead to transition them into adult services since we know that it can be scary leaving one service and going into another.

When I am not at work, I enjoy nature walks, the beach, spending time with family and friends and my dog Dax. 


Sophia is sat outside holding a paper coffee cup.  Sophia

Early Intervention Coordinator & Peer Mentor Lead

Hi, I’m Sophia. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice and have worked alongside adults with complex needs since 2014 in North Wales and the North East.  

I now work as an Early Intervention Coordinator and Peer Mentor Lead for young people, bringing my knowledge and experience to my current role. I enjoy that every day is not the same and I love watching young people grow on their own journey which is something that I am passionate about.

Outside of work, I enjoy being at the beach, going on walks and being outdoors. I also enjoy spending time with my friends, family and my two cats.


Ashleigh has blonde hair and she is taking a selfie  Ashleigh

Young People’s Resilience Worker

Hi, I am Ashleigh. I am a Young People's Resilience Worker with the Theme Lead of Education. I love my role! My hobbies include watching football and holiday breaks, but my free time is mostly spent with my family and friends. 




Amy is sat on her sofa and she has brown wavy hair Amy

Children’s and Families Worker

Hi, I am Amy. Since leaving university, I have worked as a Support Worker and Coordinator for vulnerable adults and young people. I love having a job where I can help empower young people, build their confidence, and help them understand a little bit more about their emotions. This role helps me learn more every day and for that I am grateful!

I love going on hikes, trying out new recipes, reading, and having a cosy night in with my dog and cat.