Announcing our merger with Sova

1 March 2019

As of 1 March 2019 we have fully merged with Sova. Sova runs 43 services across England and Wales, providing mental health support, befriending and mentoring for young people and families, rehabilitation and mentoring for young and adult offenders, and support with training and employment.

The merger means we can share expertise and people who use our services can access a wider range of support. 

All existing Sova services will change their name to Change Grow Live. We have kept people informed and there will be no immediate changes to the way Sova delivers services. 

"Everyone should feel proud of what Sova has achieved over the last six years as an independent entity within Change Grow Live. The two organisations already work closely together and share a lot of systems and processes and, as the number of people we support increases, this feels like the right time to bring all the services together.

Fully merging the two organisations will create greater stability, allow us to deliver more impact and will ultimately benefit the people we help. It will allow us to provide a more holistic approach to our services, benefitting the people who use them, and will also mean that we can run our services as efficiently as possible and plan effectively for the future."

Mark Moody - Chief Exec, Change Grow Live

"We’ve achieved a great deal under the Sova brand over the years, however this seems like the right time to work more closely with Change Grow Live.  We are making this change from a position of financial strength and this is a move that makes sense for us as an organisation as part of a strategy to have a bigger impact for the people we help. We’ll be working closely with our colleagues at Change Grow Live and our service users to make sure that the change is as seamless as possible, and will be continuing our services and looking to grow these where possible."

John Leach, Head of Operational Delivery, Sova