We have been awarded the Investing in Volunteers Standard

We are extremely proud to announce that Change Grow Live has been awarded the Investing in Volunteers Standard. Investing in Volunteers is the quality standard for all UK organisations that rely on the hard work and dedication of volunteers.  

Our volunteers help us make a real difference in people’s lives, and we couldn’t do the work we do without them. Achieving this standard shows the value we place on volunteering, but it is also a celebration of the volunteer experience at Change Grow Live 

This is the first time that our approach to volunteering has been externally assessed. Towards the end of 2021, we carried out an assessment against the Investing in Volunteers standard, including volunteer recruitment, support, training and management. 

Chris Benfield, Head of Volunteering and Accredited Learning for Change Grow Live, commented:  


“We have a strong history of volunteers who make an enormous contribution to our services and the lives of those that use our service around the UK. Achieving Investing in Volunteers is a ringing endorsement of the efforts of staff across Change Grow Live in making it a safe and rewarding place to volunteer. The report has also identified several areas of outstanding practice, I couldn’t be happier!”   


The assessment showed excellence in all areas of our work with volunteers. 52 volunteers and 16 staff (including our Chief Executive Officer, Mark Moody), from across 20 services took part in the assessment. A further 145 volunteers participated in a related survey.  


Some of the volunteers who took part in the assessment had the following insights to share:  

"Volunteering has brought me on in my life and growth so much. I can't thank everyone enough. The growth we've been given and the support to go for employment within Change Grow Live has been amazing."  

"Volunteering is inclusive. There are no restrictions. Equality and diversity is definitely there. You meet people from all walks of life and different types of volunteers."  

"They look for things that will suit you. You are not just asked to do things - they put you in places where you will thrive."  

“The support is absolutely amazing. There are regular check-ins and they are very accommodating. There are regular one to ones. I'm blown away by the support.”  

“I am valued as a member of the team." 

The lead assessor remarked on the commitment that volunteers had a: “sense of inclusion and belonging”, and that there was a “connection with a non-judgmental approach to recruitment and diversity in the roles offered.”  

If you would like to make a difference as one of our volunteers, we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at the roles we have available, or find out more about volunteering and peer mentoring.  


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