Thank you Mike

29 June 2020

It is with real sadness that I’m sharing this message of thanks and gratitude for our Executive Director Mike Pattinson, who will be leaving Change Grow Live in July.

Having joined Change Grow Live (or SARO as we were known back then) in 1999 from the National Probation Service, Mike has been instrumental in how we have developed and grown over the past two decades to become the open, bold and compassionate organisation we are today. I know how valued and loved Mike is by many colleagues who have had the benefit of working with him over the years, and that he will be very much missed.  

On a personal note, having worked with Mike for almost 20-years, I want to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you for his tireless enthusiasm and commitment to our charitable mission. He has been an amazing colleague, and although over the years we may not have always agreed on the ‘how’, I can honestly say we have always agreed on the ‘what’.  I will miss Mike’s intellect, challenge, honesty and wicked sense of humour.

Mike’s last day with the organisation will be the 31st July, the day before his 53rd birthday (no, he really is that old) and will mark 21 years and 6 months loyal service.

If you would like to pass on any personal messages to Mike, the best way to do so would be to send him a tweet @mikeP_cgl.

Mark Moody - Chief Executive