Believe in people

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My life now is just amazing. I like to class myself as a positive role model to those who are still lost and don’t believe in themselves.

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I wasn’t confident at first but once I got a foot in the door it was different. I was speaking to people who were me a year ago, so I would always say to them what I wish I’d been told. 

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If people relapse, it's only a mistake. They learn from it, and get better. 

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Through volunteering, I see something in my future and know that I can still make something out of my life. I can make a difference in someone else’s life.

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I’ve always wanted to help others. Even as a child, I’d see someone fall over and want to go over and help them – my mum loves telling that story!

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I feel like I've gained a lot of personal and professional development. I can branch off into different areas and learn from other professionals.

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I wake up every morning now with a choice. I wake up in a bed, I have got food to eat and I have money in my pocket. My family have peace of mind.

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The staff know if they are doing well, but for me, to be able to articulate the work that they do into facts and figures makes me proud. 

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